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Vegan Snacks Recipes
pinterest board vegan snack recipes

Vegan Snacks Recipes 

What do Vegans eat for snacks?

A lot! I personally prefer to have meals at designated times and very little to nothing as snacks, stomach is comfortable that way 🙂

I have divided the recipes into snacks, main course, juices and desserts on purpose because dividing it based on breakfast, lunch and dinner makes it too specific. I should be able to choose what I want to eat when and ya you get my point.

So I am putting a curated list below with a few youtube links for your reference.

  1. Foodies and Earthlings Pinterest – Currently has under 100 pins but follow it and I’ll keep adding a lot more. There are a lot of vegan snack recipes including sandwiches, tortillas, wraps, pasta, creamy mushroom, dips etc. Visit it once, you will probably love each and every one of them. Make your own board and share links in the comment for me to follow it.
  2. Beet the Meat – Sandwich
  3. Flax Seed Wraps– These are healthy options you can try. Some can made raw, some need shallow frying. Depends on your taste and preference.
  4. Mushroom Pasta – Put it on a toast and enjoy!
  5. Spinach and Rice Balls

Probably this can be a really great start. Share your work under the hashtag of #foodiesandearthlings wherever, and we can get in touch sharing your work, or you can post it in comments section.

See you soon.


Vegan Snacks Recipes

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