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FSSAI Takes Back Control in 2019

FSSAI Takes Back Control in 2019 

Over the past 2 years, a lot of changes have come to light in regards to Food safety and security. In India, a lot of food businesses are running without proper licenses. Very few know that to begin any food business, big or small you have to get it registered with FSSAI. Proper procedures need to be followed in terms of hygiene and sanitation. What tools to be used, what gear is to be worn, what are the surroundings in which the food is made? All these need to be addressed. Rules even dictate how your floor and walls should be.

A lot of restaurants (10,500) have been removed from Zomato and Swiggy because businesses started without proper licenses and many other reasons associated. NEWS HERE.

27 New Regulations will be applied in 2019 which include regulations related to organic food products, fruits and vegetables, limiting antibiotics and live contents in food. Some regulations will also apply for alcoholic beverages and so on. Among them, important one would be BAN on using of RECYCLED PLASTIC and NEWSPAPER as packaging material. So in a way, food laws are becoming strict. Let’s see how this year goes for Food Businesses.

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