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What is Veganism?
Animal Tear - Go Vegan

What is Veganism? 

Is Veganism just a TREND or is it our FUTURE?

Let’s start with the basics, what is veganism? Is it a religion, is it a twitter trend, is it a theory?

In very simple terms, VEGANISM is a LIFESTYLE that involves thinking beyond your own self. It is a lifestyle where we try to minimize damage we cause to environment and other living beings on this planet, via our actions. For example, we eat meat. We are governed by our taste buds and hence we eat meat as it’s tasty and we don’t see anything wrong with it because for us, it’s just put on a plate filled with spices. If we think for a second, how is meat made? It involves killing an animal which doesn’t want to die. Would you willingly die for someone else’s pleasure? NO! So why do we expect some other animal to go through this death?

Next step in this thinking process would be where does the animal come from? Well, due to animal agriculture, forceful breeding of animal is done to be able to meet the demand of meat. How is this forceful breeding done? For example in cows, some workers hold the animal’s legs, and one person inserts his/her hand into the cows’ anus and inserts a stainless steel rod into her vagina. Doesn’t this sound like RAPE?! Of course it does but because the animal cannot speak and cannot save itself, it is considered perfectly fine to subject her to this horrific act.

Cow Insemination in India
Cow Insemination in India

Image source – Google Images and Youtube

This is just the beginning. She is then hooked onto machines to suck her milk when her kid is born. If the kid is male, he is sent to slaughter house and the milk that was intended for him is stolen by the factory via machines leading to the mothers’ bleeding and pus being pulled into the milk. Semen is collected from strong male bulls via electric shock of their genital. Cow is also given numerous injections and medicines to make her produce more and more. Imagine being high on hormones all the time!!


Now, when you ordered your meat, did you think of all this? Probably not. but doesn’t this sound horrible? Sure does, then why would you want to contribute to this torture, rape and murder? This question made people question the ethics and morality of this industry.

The story doesn’t end here as environmental impacts of animal agriculture are also horrific. It is one of the biggest causes of Global Warming due to methane emission. Animal agriculture is also the cause of massive land use, deforestation, and other species going extinct. A lot of these facts are given on “FACTS” Be sure to visit it once to get your doubts cleared.

Infographic Understanding in simple terms is as follows –

Water Use Infographic for meat industry
Water Use Infographic for meat industry
deforestation-and-climate-change because of animal agriculture
deforestation-and-climate-change because of animal agriculture

Image Source Google Images and Link 1, Link 2


Next we then think of other animal products like Jelly, Eggs – comes from pigs and chickens respectively. To make gelatin for jelly, pigs bladder is used. Chickens are kept in horrible conditions and again injected with a lot of antibiotics to produce more. and become thicker in size for meat.


Another part of this deals with what we wear – wool, silk, leather for starters. Animals are boiled, skinned alive in many cases for leather. In other cases well, I cannot find a justifiable explanation for the use of another animal’s skin! Would you wear a human skin knowing a human was skinned for that? Would you knowingly wear dead animal skin on yourself and show it as luxury? That would actually sound Psychotic in a way.


We haven’t touched the health impact as of now. But you can well imagine, eating a product that is filled with medicines, filth, negative energy, tortured soul is not going to do anything good to your body, no matter what you believe. Dairy and Meat are one of the leading causes of major diseases currently and only a few doctors speak up for it as most of the industry is relying on our food habits to run their business through our illness.


Another aspect of Veganism is avoiding the use of products that are tested on animals. Animal testing is being banned in a lot of places now that people have demanded non-animal tested products and also because if the product is natural and doesn’t contain any item that would harm the human, then there is no need for testing!

Testing is only done when you put chemicals, synthetic items which are not derived from nature but animals or made in lab. These products have a tendency to harm the human when it comes in contact with us. So why use unnatural products and then why subject another being to be a test subject for all the burns, boils and gassing them to such conditions?

You cannot possibly in your sane or insane mind justify this torture to animals. I am showing very non-graphic images so you don’t just rush past without understanding the facts and pain your choices can cause. ITS NOT A CHOICE WHEN A VICTIM IS INVOLVED!

animal testing rabbit
animal testing rabbit
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - APRIL 15: Russian scientists prepare monkey during testing at the Medical and Biological Problems Laboratory on April 15, 2003 in outside Moscow, Russia. Russian scientists at the country's top space medicine centre use animals to test the health effects of life in space. (Photo by Dmitry Korotayev/Epsilon/Getty Images)
MOSCOW, RUSSIA – APRIL 15: Russian scientists prepare monkey during testing at the Medical and Biological Problems Laboratory on April 15, 2003 in outside Moscow, Russia. Russian scientists at the country’s top space medicine centre use animals to test the health effects of life in space. (Photo by Dmitry Korotayev/Epsilon/Getty Images)
Animal Testing Image 2
Animal Testing Image 2

Image Source – Youtube, Google Images, Link 1


So all these questions kept making people wonder of how much cruelty is involved and slowly the whole world is understanding this, waking up to speak for animals and changing their lifestyle in order to cause least damage to any other being on this planet and also stepping forward to saving the planet.

In short, vegans use products that are only plant derived, not tested on animals and not made out of animal and their body parts! Plain and Simple. 

Follow EARTHLING ED – Watch this video

A couple of documentaries that you can watch are as follows – Simply watch the trailers to get a peek into the whole scenario of lies being fed to us by the medical and food industry.

    1. Cowspiracy – Discloses 1 Industry that is destroying the planet!

    1. What the Health

  1. Fork Over Knives – Take responsibility for your lives!

  2. Earthlings

  3. Okja – MUST WATCH. Shows what a girl will do to save her pet friend and you will understand why vegans are so hell bent upon helping people open their eyes and end cruelty as soon as possible!

  4. Lucent
  5. Dominion 2018

For a few more, refer to LIVEKINDLY’s Blog post.


Make yourself aware and help save the environment, animal life and our own health! If you are already a vegan, don’t stop there. Take the next step and to understand about a step further of veganism, refer to ZERO WASTE LIFESTYLE post. I have a few posts related to vegan cosmetics and body care, vegan fashion, vegan shampoos making, vegan leather using pineapple and mushroom. Go through these links to get more knowledge and make a better decision.

If you are not a vegan and through various videos and articles, including this, have realized the consequence of your choice, then your next step would be to figure out substitutes, recipes. So hop onto THIS ARTICLE to know all about what can be substituted, what can be made at home, which items to eat for better nutrition and which social media people to follow for best inputs.

Hope this helps people understand severity of the issue and makes you question every choice you made which led to cruelty. Choose Vegan, Save Planet & Animals.

See you soon.

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