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Pineapple Fibre – Replacing Leather and Plastic
Pineapple Fibre Leather

Pineapple Fibre – Replacing Leather and Plastic 


So what is this new thing we are hearing about Pineapple fibre replacing leather? Pineapple fibre, a plant leaf fibre to replace plastic and leather industry? If this happens, then I can’t tell you the amount of waste, pollution that would reduce. It will be a huge savior for our planet and I, among many others, would be the happiest people alive! I am pretty excited even typing this for my viewers and to be able to spread this information.

As you might be aware of my writing style, I prefer to write less and show more via videos so people get a better understanding by seeing it happen in front of them.

    1. ZUPPAR – This is a brand started in Thailand which go through this fibre extraction process which is displayed in the video below. If they are available for tie ups, you may be able to source this in India and become their distributor here. This product can be used in car seats, brushes, etc.

    1. Another Brand is Pinatex – This is again a revolution. They are working on vegan leather shoes and many such products. Have a look at these 2 videos to get an insight. One is an introductory video and other is a TEDx Talk from the owner giving insights into her journey to discovering this fibre.

    1. Philippines has a village where women are involved in this activity and brands like Pinatex seemed to have collaborated with them, according to my understanding.

Do you think this has applications? Of course it does and here are a few examples –

    1. Pineapple Fibre to PUMA. Puma has been working on its own prototypes.

    1. British Designer is already producing these products like shoes, purses, wallets with this fibre. The final product weighs a lot less, produces far less pollution and is cruelty free! Check out this video.

I hope this opens doors to new ideas for people from textile background and really wish to see these products in India soon enough, at affordable rates obviously!

Other Resources

If you wish to about Mushroom Skin/fibre leather details, visit THIS LINK. For information of Vegan Cosmetics, visit THIS LINK and about vegan fashion brands in India, can be found at THIS LINK.

See you soon!

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