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Vegan Fashion in India
Vegan Fashion Accessories in India Image

Vegan Fashion in India 

What is Vegan Fashion?

You probably thought Vegan would refer to food/diet only? The bit related to just food/diet is referred to as PLANT BASED FOOD/DIET. You are a vegan when you consume no animal products including what you eat, use and wear. More about what veganism is, is posted on THIS BlOG POST.

So this would mean that we use natural fibres like cotton, coconut fibres, pineapple leaf fibre, mushroom fibres etc or we use synthetic leather/PU leather and avoid using leather (animal skin), wool (animal hair), silk (animal home) and other products derived from animals.

Pineapple Leaf and Mushroom Fibre are the new fibres in market and are creating a buzz! Refer to articles related to these 2 specific fibres on PINEAPPLE FIBRE and MUSHROOM SKIN. CORK and COCONUT Fibres are also coming up and I have listed some brands under that are selling products made out of these fibres so keep reading.

There are already a lot of good options for natural/synthetic fashion products which donot come from animals in form of leather, silk, wool etc. There is no need to cause so much suffering and environmental degradation for pleasure and when cruelty free options are available.

If you are new to the concept of veganism and want to understand why we should avoid Leather, then watch the following videos listed under –

Documentary showing TOXIC Leather Industry Truth

  1. The Toxic Price of Leather from Sean Gallagher on Vimeo.
    Why we have to stop using leather is clearly explained in this ARTICLE with this documentary listed above. This documentary is from Kanpur, India. One o the many disastrous products for people involved in making it, for animals involved in being live skinned and for environment!
  2. Also watch this to understand the process that goes into making the leather and how it impacts people.

Following are some of the Vegan Fashion Brands which can get you started on this journey –

  1. As mentioned earlier about CORK material products, check out MYARTURE. Products are a little expensive but will last longer – wallets, purse, bags etc.

    MyArture Cork Wallet Image
    MyArture Cork Wallet
  2. Baggit is another brand that is cruelty free. I had been to their store with a friend and found really great purses which mad my friend purchase one for his girlfriend immediately! I also noticed some decent wallet collection. They are also PETA Certified.

    baggit purse
    Baggit Purse on Amazon
  3. Formal men’s shoes are generally leather but there are good options available at BATA. BATA has leather free options so ask them before purchasing. When I began my search, I had landed in BATA with one salesman not very interested in selling non-leather shoes/sandals but there are other salesmen as well so don’t give up.
  4. BATA has a smaller brand called FOOTIN which has synthetic leather based belts, shoes, sandals, wallets and similar products.
  5. A simple search on AMAZON gave the following brands –
    • Nohide – Vegan Belts.
    • ZORO Men’s PU Leather – Synthetic Leather belts.
    • Dein Kleider – Belt Faux and PU
    • Converse – cloth Shoes, some from Converse are Vegan.
  6. Vegan Fashion PVT LTD – West Bengal based company – FORMAL MEN’S SHOES can be found HERE.
  7. Eco Wings (Eco friendly and upcycled products like laptop bags, wallets, pen stand, Notebooks, Pouches are available.)

    ecowings sling bag image
    Ecowings sling bag image
  8. VEGSHOES – Vegan accessories online – shoes, belts etc.
  9. – This brand’s website seems to be online but check with the contact us if they are in business before purchasing.
  10. theAlternate – Website – Formal Shoes, Belts etc. Check these out.
  11. Monk StoryWebsite – Peta Approved and they use Synthetic Leather.
  12. Vegan BlueWebsite – Chennai based vegan shoes.
  13. Nae VeganWebsite -Good designs can be seen on this website. They ship worldwide so you might want to try them.
  14. MooshoesWebsite –Expensive but another option to get all types of clothing and shoes.

So a simple Google search can get you a lot of such brands, hope these give you a good start.

Note: I donot endorse any particular brand/website. This is just a casual search into products for myself and for information purpose for everyone realizing the need for such products and need to stop cruelty.

Other Vegan Brands

Vegan Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs from around the world are listed in this article in case anyone wishes to subscribe to them.

Some brands that are recognized and are listed on Vogue’s website
Another website with 4 such brands is Homegrown.

Brands mentioned in above posts are as follows –

  • Kanabis
  • Achilles heel
  • Aulive
  • Matt & Nat
  • Gunas
  • Angela Roi
  • Grain
  • Rheson
  • Bourgeois Boheme

Designs like below can be easily found in non-leather materials. (Source – Above brands website.)


Check out these names, some are Indian origin founders. Some products are made from Pineapple leather and some by recycled plastic! You might get your next business inspiration from here!

Additional Resource to Vegan Brands

If you are confused about vegan cosmetics, haircare, and skin care, look no further than THIS LINK. I have listed about 40+ companies which are vegan and some which have honey or beeswax which you have to watch out for while purchasing the products.
For homemade shampoos, you may refer to THIS LINK. More information will be updated as and when obtained.

Hope this gets you started on choosing cruelty free brands!

See you soon!

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