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Mushroom Fabric Leather
Mushroom Image

Mushroom Fabric Leather 

Can Mushroom replace PLASTIC and LEATHER?

Let’s find out!

Mushroom Fabrics and Leather are another talk of the town. Mushroom has been seen to grow in different ways when subjected to different growing conditions. These conditions can vary from temperature, humidity, feed, nutrients etc. By feed, I mean give the mushroom (fungus) an item to eat and it seems to turn out differently. Some companies give it husk, some give it cornstarch and results are different each time with different environmental conditions.

Bill Gates, as we all know, invests in sustainable energy and products. He has invested in Vegan Meat companies as well. Animal agriculture for meat and dairy is and should be a very serious concern. We are literally ending the planet. Some of us are trying to get options out so that there are less wastes, less pollution and no cruelty!

So here is a video of a product called MYLO by Bolt Threads who have bee successful in making Vegan Silk and Leather from Yeast and Mushroom respectively. One of the companies had also come up with the name Muskin.

Next we have something amazing. Like I said before, give the fungus different feed and environmental conditions and they turn out different. This time, a professor devoted his time to growing furniture, building out of mushroom and its hard as rock!! Don’t believe me? Watch this video –

So how can we get more creative with this? Next video shows how a creative mind started their own lamp shade making business out of mushrooms. You have an idea as well now? Haha, you can thank me later, go through the video and share this post so others can know about this!

Other Resources

A similar result is obtained from Pineapple Leaf Fibre as well. Leaves are generally waste products, but there are companies who found excellent use for this. To know more on this, click this LINK.

I think this is good enough information to get you started thinking on various business ideas. Main idea of my blog posts here is to firstly spread awareness and next to help generate ideas for people who have the resources or creativity to get this going!

Share this, start a company, become a billionaire and treat me to a Vegan Pizza! 🙂

See you soon!

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