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How to make Vegan Shampoos at Home? 

Homemade Shampoos?! What? Did you know you could make your own shampoos at home and that the process is very simple? Well, I am posting a couple of youtube links I found online with some links to recipes for you to follow. Try making these on your own and share your results.

Some individuals moving towards ZERO WASTE LIFESTYLE, do this regularly for themselves. What is Zero Waste? In simple words, buying of products online will lead to buying more plastic bottles, their packaging and thereby ending up with more waste in the environment. So to reduce this footprint, if you make your own shampoos, you save a lot and don’t produce any waste! Buy ingredients from Vegan brands and you are all set to become a ZERO WASTE VEGAN! I am understanding this concept and also working towards making my lifestyle less wasteful.
Video 1 – In Hindi.

Video 2 – This starts from scratch – Raw materials and cooking is needed. So this is for people who have time to make this.

Following are links to some great blogs which have recipes listed to make herbal shampoos. Hope these get you started.

Delicious Obsessions
Reward Me

I will keep updating this as I get more resources to help you out, till then kindly share your experiences!

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